Amelia Nin


Amelia Nin is an Uruguayan textile artist who lives and works in Berlin since 2007. She has been among fabrics, wool and threads since her childhood, with her grandparents she learned to weave and embroider, from them she inherited her passion for textiles. She studied Textile Design at the Design School University of Uruguay and worked for the industry designing fabrics for more than 10 years. She lived and worked in Mexico City for 5 years, an experience that marked her and led her to rethink her goals as a textile designer. This experience strengthened her interest in artisan work and the different ancestral textile techniques; research and experimentation thus regained prominence in her work. Her works address the relationship between the micro and macro cosmos, themes such as the origin of things, our vulnerable existence in the universe, our connection with nature and our relationship with the planet. Her latest works are inspired by lichens, as ancestral as the history of the earth and whose essence contains a metaphor: they are the result of a symbiosis, of an intimate union between two organisms of different species, united for mutual benefit in their vital development. This makes such a delicate and sensitive organism to be at the same time one of the strongest and most resistant in the natural kingdom. Interestingly, it is this intimate association, this union, which is the cause of its greatest strength and which has allowed it to survive to the present day, thus making it a witness to humanity. Her creations have been exhibited in Mexico, Germany, the United States and Ukraine. Her works are part of diverse private collections in Germany, Mexico and Uruguay.


Amelia Nin’s work is the symbolic and intuitive expression of the longing for a closer relationship with nature, a bridge between the real world and the intangible. She creates textile abstractions with a poetic focus on details, reflections that she traces on the fabric with needle and thread, embroidering the ungraspable. Weaving and interweaving fabrics that she recycles but also transforms by dyeing, painting, bleaching or burning, she creates textures that explore the relationship between the micro and the macro cosmos. She is interested in working with textiles because they are charged with memory and intimacy, they are part of her identity. She rescues the traces that time leaves on textiles, without hiding them, but on the contrary, amplifying and transcending them. They are the evidence of the unstoppable passage of time, of our impermanence and transience. Lichens came to meet her and revealed their magic. Not only for their aesthetic richness, but also from a philosophical point of view. In them she sees mysteries that captivate her, such as the origin of things and the evolution of life and our vulnerable existence in the universe.


2023 December 8 – 21
Group Exhibition “the same thing is both growing and shrinking in me,
Bulvary, ul. Ksiecia Witolda 11, Breslau, PL

2023 December 4
Anja Asche & Amelia Nin Artist Talk OP_Residenz_T(arczyn)/B(erlin),
Hilleckes Gallery, Berlin, DE

2023 August 20 – November 30
Artist in Residence Stipendium der OP ENHEIM Stiftung, Breslau , PL

2023 August
Virtual Exhibition “Natural Impressions”

2023 June – July
Selected to participate in: “Lot 1, Fair Art Auctions” at the Alte Münze Berlin
Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin

2023 May 30 – June 4
Group Exhibition in the Haus der Statistik
Otto-Braun-Strasse 70-72, 10178 Berlin

2023 May 4 – 20
Group exhibition “VIVID”, Lite Haus Galerie + Projektraum
Mareschstr. 4 VH 12055 Berlin

2022 December – January 2023
Group Exhibition ” 200 unter 2000″, CSR.ART Contemporary Show Room
Friedrichstraße 69, 10117 Berlin

2022 December 9,10,11
Selected to participate in: BAAM , Berlin Affordable Art Market, at the Moss Space
Moosdorfstr. 6-7, 12435 Berlin.

2022 August 29 – September 1
Group Exhibition “Beyond Paradise” at ArtWerk
Nordufer 31, 13351 Berlin

2022 August 08 – Oktober 10
Group Exhibition “Fascinating Dual Beings, the mysterious world of lichens” at Galerie Zagreus
Brunnenstraße 9a, 10119 Berlin

2022 September 9 – 25
Group Exhibition “Friends” at Atelierhaus Mengerzeile
Mengerzeilestraße 1- 3, 12435 Berlin

2022 June 17 – 24
Group exhibition “Tangerine trees and marmelade skies” at Galerie Baull
Falkensteinstraße 45, 10997 Berlin

2021 July 21 – 31
Art up Group exhibition “Taumel der tatsachen” at K-Salon
Bergmannstraße 54, 10961Berlin

2021 June 1 – 15
Selected to participate in: “The 10th International Biennial Exhibition of Mini Textile Art” Scythia”, Ivano-Frankivs’k, Ukraine.

2020 June 1 – 30
Selected for virtual exhibition, Threaded II by Envision Arts. Texas, USA

2020 January 24 – February 5
Group exhibition “Fragmente” at Kunstraum Reuter
Reuterstraße 82, 12053 Berlin